These are a series of Windows command-line utilities written in Perl. They are all intentionally simple, and run quite fast on most modern machines.

The programs are offered without charge, and may be freely re-distributed for non-commercial use, per the conditions in the copyright notices and disclaimers.

We apologize that these pages and downloads are still under construction, and so unfortunately currently incomplete. Documentation and Sample Code are on the way. If you are interested you can send an email request to

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pphtml is a simple extensible command-line preprocessor for HTML files, written in Perl. Its purpose is to make it easy to extract blocks of html code into template segments, and then re-assemble them into full html files. Some of the more useful features are the ability to escape HTML characters so that you can include sample HTML code in your web pages without modification, and the ability to create macros that contain directives such as #include, #ifdef and #define. It includes a module to generate simple picture galleries. Requires perl V 5.8 (below.)
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HyperKey is a nifty little command-line tool that allows you to manage and manipulate your data through 'keys', which are names or tags that you choose. It goes in a completely different direction from GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). The idea is that instead of you learning where everything is and how to find it by navigating graphically, you access things directly using one or more keys (names) that you associate with it. Since your data and your access to it are organized around how you think, it becomes effortless to navigate around large complex data systems, the internet, whatever. And it is not just navigation, it is full access: backup, storage, retrieval, archiving, versioning, mirroring, logging. All in one tiny little app that barely dents even a small jump drive. (The full version contains support programs including 7zip, diff and the Perl executable.) Requires perl V 5.8 (below.)
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ppp is yet another preprocessor for Perl, written in Perl. So why use it? Because it offers one feature that makes all the difference: Like all preprocessors, it provides the effects of conditional compilation, but it does so offline. Under normal usage, the code runs without the preprocessor. The preprocessor need only run when one of the conditional compilation variables changes. You can have the effects of conditional compilation without the run-time overhead. For Perl scripts, this is a big win. Requires perl V 5.8 (below.)
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All of the above scripts require perl V 5.8 or newer. For convenience, a very minimal copy of the perl executable is provided in the download page for each script.
Disclaimer: The perl.exe provided here is not warranted to run on any machine. It is strongly recommended that you download a blessed version from one of the many perl provider sites.

Last Updated: 4/2/12